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Demountable Bleacher
Minimum order quantity:100 seats
Supply Ability: 10000 seats per Month
Delivery Time:40days
Payment Terms: T/T
Ports: Shenzhen China
Product Details

Demountable bleacher which is environmental friendly,

power saving and easy to install.

The bleacher is mainly made up of understructure, decking, seats and rails.

1. The column adopts Φ48*3 welding pipe

and the height of the column can be adjusted

through wrenching screw jacks.

The beam adopts 140*80*4 flat bar joined by high tension torque bolts.

The tension bracing bar adoptsΦ48*3 welding pipe

and joined with the columns by M14 high tension torque bolts.

2. The deck adopts outdoor wooden deck./ Metal Steel Plate

  • Spectator seats adopt Pour mould seat/Other choice
  • The seat is made of PP/HDPE  with UV resistant and antioxidation.

3. The guardrail is made by welded 40*40*3.0mm

square tube and 20*5mm flat bar with surface hot galvanized.

The maximum left and right space between columns is 1930mm

and maximum front and rear space between columns is 3120mm.

  • Deck width:780mm
  • Riser Height:333mm
  • Aisle Width:1100mm
  • Dead loading:582N/
  • Live loading5000N/

Safety coefficient1.4

1 Grade: All steel structure use Q235

2 Connection: Column useΦ48*3 tube,

The bottom use M35 bolt for height adjustment.

Main grider Use 140*80*4 flat beam,

Main grider and column use high density M20 bolt connect.

Longitudinal way of grider use M16 high density bolt.

Bracing useΦ48*3 tube, use M14 Bolt connect with Column.

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